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As someone who hugely benefitted from extra curricular programmes when he was younger, Andy understands the importance and life changing potential it can have.

Whether it’s inspiring young people to be leaders in society, to find their inner confidence or reveal their creative potential, he is extremely dedicated to helping young people succeed in life.

Andy currently works as an associate coach and facilitator with several Award-winning charities and youth organisations across London. He leads large residential conferences and camps such as Global Social Leaders and facilitates workshops in schools, collages, youth centres and Universities.

He is always complimented on his passion for his work and his exceptional ability to connect with young people.

Below are some of the organisations he works with...

I can’t speak highly enough of your enthusiasm, energy, talent, buoyancy, humbleness, authenticity. I felt it, the coaches felt it, the teachers and students felt it. The way you share your passions through your speech, conversation and work is remarkable.

–Olivia Flaxman.

I call him the ‘Wizzard of change’ as he makes sharp observations and comes up with beautifully crafted questions that have the power to bring new perspectives for his clients. It’s a wonderful blend of knowledge, wisdom and personal experience that makes it unique.

–Jakub Goscinny.

It is easy for me to write about your skills and attitude as they are obviously empathetic, organised, process driven and intelligent, but I believe your heart is special. You are such a loving, warm guy. Your desire to impact young people is so inspiring and your hard work and focus makes it possible. It is an honor to work alongside you.

–Michael Fox

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