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How Andy helps people by speaking about Mental Health openly

Andy’s reputation as a speaker is built on his ability to explore difficult topics with depth and equal light heartedness. His witty nature, warmth and infectious optimism continues to give people an uplifting and moving experience.

With a rise of mental ill health, Andy is one of many people that has been through hard times, but can speak candidly about his experience in way that inspires others. 

Since publishing his book, Feeling Lost & Finding You Way, he gets invited to Schools, Universities and Businesses to be part of changing the conversation around Mental Health in Education and in the workplace.

For parents that want to understand the challenges young people face, for businesses that want to actually embed a culture of mental health care and educators that want to provide educational awareness for young people, that’s what Andy is here to do.

  • To be a voice of hope and inspiration for people that help through hard times.
  • To remind people that what they feel and experience is not unusual or to be ignored. 
  • To inspire people to be there for each other and create cultures of appropriate care in schools and organisations.


“Andy has taught me that we all have the potential to change lives when we lead authentically and with total belief in those we are leading. He is empowering, uplifting, he opens your heart. The way he believes in the intrinsic value of all human beings and total dedication to serve those he leads. He’s authentic, passionate and wholly connected. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. He is a truly incredible person!”
–Katie. GC, Wellington Leadership Institute

“I can’t speak highly enough of your enthusiasm, energy, talent, buoyancy, humbleness, authenticity. I felt it, the coaches felt it, the teachers and students felt it. The way you share your passions through your speech, conversation and work is remarkable.” –Olivia Flaxman, Education Professional

“It was quite inspirational listening to you speak so frankly about what is considered a sensitive subject” –Rob

“You took us all through a huge range of emotions.  We were impressed with how brave you were to share such deeply personal experiences, which were all certainly relatable in one way or another for everyone in the room.  This certainly gave us all food for thought. Thank you so much Andy”
–Lesley McMaster, Corporate Manager, CLV UK

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