“Such a great read! Honest, powerful, reflective and helpful.”


Feeling Lost and Finding Your Way is an inspirational memoir help people navigate uncertain times when graduating University or suffering with mental health challenges. With a Foreword by Andy’s Mum, the book is brave and uplifting.

Aged 22, Andy's life collapsed into a dark depression. 

In Feeling Lost And Finding Your Way, Andy courageously shares his journey into postgraduate life, wrestling with the pressures of being successful, of being a young man in a hyper-sexualised digital world and being brave enough to search for what really mattered. He delves into past experiences, openly sharing his pain and the source of his suffering, before revealing the paths he took to find inner peace and his true direction. 

"I knew I wasn't alone feeling this. Finding the courage to share my story is one of the best decisions I've ever made. People write to me and tell me how they find both comfort and inspiration too. I hope it keeps reaching people's hearts and souls."


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Book Reviews

“I swallowed this book whole this weekend, I couldn't put it down. I was moved by Andy's vulnerability and courage in the face of untold difficulties and pain. It is so hard to accept that our 'shadow side' is as much part of us as the 'light side', and Andy models it in all its messiness and confusion. We are invited as readers to question in what ways we are also holding ourselves back, in a way that feels both safe and urgent. Highly recommend to entrepreneurs, educators, young people, parents and indeed anyone concerned with living a full and fulfilling life.” –Debbie. D

“Such a great read! Honest, powerful, reflective and helpful.” –Wayne. J

“It doesn't pretend to be a self-help book. It is a story of the time in Andy's life where he had some problems, and that although they don't just disappear, they can go away with time, but you need to put the effort in to speed up the process, and knowing that someone went through the same thing others are going through, and came out the other end is a great help to anyone suffering. It does have the odd grammatical mistake here and there, but it's not pretending to be artwork, it reinforces the fact it is real. I can recommend it to anyone suffering from any mental health problem. 10/10, would read again.” –David.

“Your honesty and bravery will open people’s hearts”. –Jakub. G

“Truly Amazing. It will speak to so many people. Your story is yours, but the lessons are for us all to learn. The story is intriguing and vivid, I didn’t want to stop reading. It’s like an exciting novel, and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened”. –Charlotte. P

“A must read. Funny and quite revealing. Simple to read, funny and quite revealing about how we can cause ourselves so much pain trying to please others instead of following the calling of our heart's. Amazing Job Andy. Thank you!” –Amazon Customer

“With a foreword by his Mum, Andy sets the tone for this charming invitation into his journey through depression. A good read for all early twenty-something’s, this book serves as a reminder that things don’t always go to plan, how we can be our own obstacles and the importance of authenticity and self-love. There are many things to be taken from this book which culminates in key learning’s and questions for the reader to explore for themselves as well as a recommended book list. Highly recommend.” –Ella. S

“Powerful and positive. Your journey filled me with hope for the future. A great insight for people who have loved ones suffering too.” –Becky. R

“Andy’s story tells us that mental health can effect everyone and we can get through difficult times. He keeps us part of his story all the way through. Very helpful and thoughtful, the honesty makes it accessible.” –Jason. M

“Motivating and inspiring. Your story truly had me wanting more. I was able to put myself in your shoes, which helped me reflect on my own past, present and future life choices.” –Jovanna

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