I have the privilege, challenge and opportunity of working with people in many walks of life. 

From the brightest young leaders in the world, to students expelled from schools. From leaders and professionals striving for excellence, to teachers and parents wanting to make a difference for young people; and many creators, who want to make things happen and do good things, just like me.

Here are a few notes of appreciation that remind me why I do what I do.

Dear Andy

“I just wanted to drop you a quick message after your visit to CLV earlier in the week. Nothing more complicated than to say it was quite inspirational listening to you speak so frankly about what is considered a sensitive subject. It was infinitely more inspiring listening to someone talk about something that they are passionate about and someone's who's taken a risk to follow a career in which they can genuinely invest. I don't see it too often, and it's always a delight when I do.” Rob. C

“Your session was extremely well received and took us all through a huge range of emotions.  We were impressed with how brave you were to share such deeply personal experiences, which were all certainly relatable in one way or another for everyone in the room.  This certainly gave us all food for thought. Thank you so much Andy.” –Lesley. M, Campus Living Villages

“I am so in awe of you sharing your truth and light. It's inspired me to spend today writing my own story.” –Peter. M

“The confidence workshop that you delivered at LSE was amazing. I am one of the young people who got a signed book by having the initiative to ask for one.” –Dharyl U, LSE

“I admire how dynamic you are and always working towards the greater good for everyone." –Jon Harper, CEO, Future Foundations

“Thank you for the taking the time to talk with me even if you were in a rush! It’s been great and inspirational to hear your story and your suggestions, I hope to be able to connect better with those who come to me and ask for support from now on” –Sabrina. C

“I just wanted to thank you for all of the help your talk and book has been, and that you've given me some hope for the future.

Reading your book "Feeling Lost and Finding Your Way" has been a very interesting read, and helped me with the knowledge that other people have been through this and have survived, so there is no reason that I cannot either.

It has also taught me about the importance of forgiveness, which is something I struggle with, but now that I've highlighted this as a weakness, I can work to improve this. I intend to make use of all of the lessons that apply to myself, and appreciate the lessons that would help others, and I still have those notes I made at the end of the talk regarding appreciation, strength and honesty” –David

“You have a beautiful enthusiasm for everything you do and so talented with it.” –Alex. B

“It is easy for me to write about your skills and attitude as they are obviously empathetic, organised, process driven and intelligent, but I believe your heart is special. You are such a loving, warm guy. Your desire to impact young people is so inspiring and your hard work and focus makes it possible. It is an honour to work alongside you.” –Michael F, Coach and Founder TZ Rising

“If you are going through changes in life or going through a difficult time and need support you should get in touch with Andy. He provided a confidential, empowering space that will allow you to develop new perspectives and find solutions for yourself. I couldn’t recommend him enough. I’ve learnt to find the positive sides of life and embrace the difficult moments. By sharing his own experience Andy showed me the power of vulnerability. It doesn’t only make you stronger but helps to connect with others.” –Jakub. G

“I really want to thank you, not just from me but also on behalf of James*. I’m not sure if I would have followed through with the need to find out if he was alright or could have easily explained away that he was probably just waiting on someone. Your session and story inspired me to be there for James* and although my family were in a rush to get home after a busy day, we took the time to make sure the ‘stranger on the bridge’ was safe. You should be very proud that you have encouraged so many people/strangers to support each other.” –Jakub. G

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